Time flies when you’re submitting plans

Since our last blog post we have been full steam ahead with our current projects – amendments, adjustments and advice are us! It’s hard to believe it’s almost June, Christmas still only feels like a month ago.

Paisley College has taken huge strides towards building work commencing and we’re a little exasperated and befuddled by the challenges it has thrown up for us – but we’re still enjoying it.

Our architect and technicians have had to overcome challenges of working on a listed building including; placement of windows, beds and kitchens – detailed roof drawings that no one will ever see and dozens of drawings and amendments that won’t matter to the students but we know, and we know how much they matter – taking pride in our work is something we always have and always will believe in.

However, it’s not just the (mountain of) work we have being doing on Paisley College keeping us on our toes since the last blog, with our project in Portglenone development work has been progressing steadily. The contractor has had an archaeological survey done as a condition of planning and luckily for him but unluckily for local historians – the survey turned up nothing of historical significance. Moving on the developer will sell the houses already built and continue building, we’re excited to show you more in the not too distant future, stay tuned! Other projects we have had the pleasure of working on include some preliminary plans for riverside houses in Castledawson, an amusement arcade in the City of Derry and mortgage certificates for completed houses – we’ve been kept busy and that’s not even all of our projects!

This month work still progresses on Paisley College alongside some more new projects we hope to share with you soon! We have welcomed some new staff and welcomed back some of our student architects for the summer, all hands on deck but we still have time for the odd barbecue and pizza for lunch! We’re looking at a staff night out in the not too distant future…. we’ll not share the photos of that here – maybe Instagram! 😀

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