Since 2003 we have been using 3D modelling software, surely one of the first in NI to use this technology.

This method of design allows clients to get a real feel of the completed project long before building work even starts. We take the traditional 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings and convert them to one of the 3D modelling programmes we use, adding textures and details that a 2D image could never provide.

 We’re constantly trying to work harder at it and render ever more realistic pictures and using new technologies where we can. The evolution of this software and the widespread use of them in the architectural industry has pushed us even harder and will continue to do so. These images give an idea of the progression of our skills after 15 years of innovation.

Clients who have asked for a 3D image or video to be produced have always been impressed with the quality and insight this form of design offers.

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