Welcome to ward design. We are an architectural and planning practice, with a reputation for innovation and tenacity Please bear with us as we re-design our website. During coming weeks we will add more and more detail.

Who we are

Ward Design was established in 1990. During the past 2 decades we have been involved in some very interesting, and some very challenging projects. These range in scale from modest to massive. Each is very personal to our clients, and we always do our best to give a personal service. The experience of our senior people, allied with the flair of our new talent offer a good blend


What we do

Design ought to be tailored to the client's needs, and the context into which it is delivered. That context might be physical environment, the policy context or the commercial marketplace. More likely there will be a balance to be found somewhere between the possible and the permissible. Our experience can guide you toward the best solution, with subtlety, beauty and some tenacity in the face of any headwinds.



Most design of new, or extended buildings, needs to be submitted to the planning authority for approval.

News: BMAP, the land zoning plan for the 6 councils in the greater Belfast area, is adopted on 9th September 2014

News: Conference on 10th Sept considered developer contributions toward the supply of social housing. Sorry to say that the draft policy is wrong headed. It had a very rough reception from all the attendees at the conference, from all relevant perspectives

Our Work

During our years in practice we have helped clients with a wide variety of project types. To help you consider the relevant aspect of our history to your current needs, please follow the appropriate link at the top of the page. If you still don't see what you need, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Say Hello.

Feel free to contact us by email, phone, facebook etc. We'd be happy to offer help and advice, with no commitment in the first instance.